When I came to Perth Psoriasis I had a scalp condition which caused fast growing lumps on the crown of my scalp, which would break off and then start anew. I had seen a dermatologist who was unable to treat the condition successfully. After approximately six months of treatment at Perth Psoriasis with shampoo and lotions, the condition cleared and has never returned.

Perth Psoriasis also correctly diagnosed me with psoriasis of the nails, which I previously thought was an unrelated condition, as it had been diagnosed as a fungal infection by a podiatrist. After 12 months of treatment the nails had improved, with the condition in remission.

D.M – Western Australia

Hi there,

Just a little of background, I first started getting a itchy area on my elbow quite a few years back, which like most blokes, I didn’t take much notice of or much less do anything about. It wasn’t until I got quite a few more patch’s of this lumpy itchy skin and was starting to run into problems at work, because having to wear long sleeves the patch on my elbow was constantly getting rubbed and started driving my round the bend, that I decided to do something about it.

I made a phone call to Brenda, who is a wonderful lady and very good at her job, she got me into see Kirsty.

Kirsty knew straight away what was going on with my skin and set about trialling some treatments, we had some mixed results a long the way, but it wasn’t that long before I noticed a dramatic improvement in the affected areas, so much so most have completely disappeared, none are itchy anymore.

Thanks so much Kirsty I have really enjoyed coming to see you are a very knowledgeable, understanding and beautiful person. I would like to say also that by far Brenda is one of the best receptionist’s I ever had the pleasure of dealing with, nothing is an issue and she does whatever she can to help out and accommodate where she can.

These two lovely ladies are an absolute credit to the clinic and have both made my life, my skin at least, a lot less irritating. Thank you both so very much I will be in touch as needed and if any of the psoriasis comes back I’ll be start in to see you.

L.A Western Australia

I have been attending the Perth Psoriasis and Good Skin Clinic for the past few years to receive treatment for Psoriasis.

I had tried many treatment regimes prior to attending the Clinic. This included traditional and other alternative therapies, every cream and lotion you can think of, you name it! I felt like a walking experiment and nothing ever seemed to work. I was disheartened to say the least.

Maria and her team have been a blessing in my life and I can honestly say turned my life around. I have learnt so much from Maria and her team in relation to managing my Psoriasis. A lot of people suffer in silence. You don’t need to suffer in silence with Perth Psoriasis and Good Skin Clinic.

I can highly recommend the Perth Psoriasis and Good Skin Clinic to anyone with a skin condition or just for your general well being. I can’t thank Maria and team enough for everything they have done for me.

A.B Western Australia

My association with Maria Arora has resulted in amazing improvements in both my physical and emotional well-being. Her extensive knowledge, empathy and preparedness to explain and answer all queries has given me an understanding of why things are as they are and how prescribed supplements and lifestyle changes make for a well balanced and healthy person.

Maria is a wonderful friend and an amazing practitioner.

E.A – Western Australia

I have known Maria Arora for a couple of years now and during this time have been to see her on a few occasions. I have found the whole experience a very pleasant and professional one.

Maria is a very caring lady with a tremendous amount of knowledge on how the body works . All my needs have been met with Maria and her wonderful friendly staff . I have recommended family members to Maria and they have all been extremely happy . We all feel very blessed to have Maria here in WA.

M.H – Western Australia

Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the past year’s for you and your clinic’s treatment of clearing up my skin psoriasis. I am now able to control my skin through good diet and healthy lifestyle choice’s, the treatment has gone beyond good healthy looking skin and has shown me the advantages of taking care of your body and lifestyle and I thank you and your clinic (and Brenda) for that.

R-M – Western Australia

Suffered with severe guttate psoriasis that covered 90% of my body. Was told it was a 12 week period for it to clear and the staff went out of their way to be there for me when ever I needed them. Be patient, stick strictly to the diet and medication and it will be gone before you know it. It’s not easy but it was worth it!!

R.W. – Western Australia

I’ve had psoriasis for over 25 years and used all the recommended forms of treatment. I have grasped at straws and tried lots of unrecognised treatments and had varying degrees of success for very short times. Cortisone cream was giving little result and I had become very frustrated. After using Dr. Tirant’s cream I noticed an improvement within 2 days and within three weeks was well on my way to being psoriasis free. At the time of writing this I have been totally without psoriasis for nearly three months.

P.O. – Victoria

The treatments I have tried over the last 20 years have been Acupuncture, Vitamin Tablets, Special Psoriasis Medicine, Coal Tar, Herbal Teas, Koori Skin Balm, Pinetarsol, Anto Manufacturing Ointment, not necessarily in that order, but to no avail. The places I have had psoriasis has been on my arms, back and severely in my hair. In my hair it seemed as though I had dandruff 24 hours a day, because the flakes were falling down on my back which was causing a spreading process.

I had sleepless nights, severe scratching and irritations with various soaps while I was showering and the sweating was also a menace. All that remains is dark patches where it has been. It has really been worthwhile putting up with the hassles of applying the cleansing liquid then the cream twice daily. This has been achieved from 30-08-94 to 2-12-94.

I would strongly recommend your treatment 100% to anyone with psoriasis. Thanks once again for providing me with the relief that I thought would never happen

E.T. – Victoria

This is to report on the condition of my skin after visiting on the 17 th November and commencing the treatment recommended. Within a few days of using the cleansing gel and the cream the silver scales on my skin stopped forming and this meant there was no itching and I was able to get a good night’s rest. From then on there was daily improvement and the arms and legs exposed to the sun and air soon lost the red spots. The parts of the body covered by clothes were a bit slower, but after three weeks these have almost disappeared. My case was described as moderate to high, so this result is quite remarkable. The scalp is also clear, now. I have tried to carry out the four stages …… the non acid diet etc. though I don’t think I have ever managed the 2 litres of water even though I have bottles of water in various places.I have commenced the second supply of gel and cream and will continue to use it until all traces of the psoriasis disappears. I’m glad I managed to see your advertisement about this treatment. With thanks and best wishes, God Bless.

Br. K. P. – New South Wales

Dear Sir/Madam I am a member of the Psoriasis Association and like to read the interesting and helpful articles the Newsletters contain. It happens that some four or five years ago I was attacked with a massive dose of psoriasis and it was only after a very long, complicated and sustained effort that relief was obtained. My next attack occurred a few weeks ago but luckily, this time I obtained the help of Dr. Michael Tirant and by following his advice and procedures my psoriasis has completely cleared up – much to my great pleasure and satisfaction. If and when I should suffer another attack of this obnoxious disease my disappointment will be mitigated by the knowledge that Dr. Tirant helped me before and it is to him that I will seek his help, once again.

R.C. – Victoria

I have suffered from Psoriasis for about fifteen years and I was beginning to despair of finding a cure but since I began using your treatment for psoriasis approximately four weeks ago and have noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin within two weeks. My skin is still improving steadily and arms, legs, knees and elbows also my upper body back and front are free from psoriasis. I still have an area on my lower back which is taking longer to clear than the rest of my body but is slowly responding to treatment, this was formerly the worst area. The clearing up of my psoriasis has changed my life as I am now able to wear short sleeved shirts and shorts on hot days with out having to hide myself away from everybody. Thank you Dr Tirant for all the good work you have done and are doing for the unfortunates who are blessed with psoriasis.

J. McW. – Victoria

After only four months, my severe psoriasis condition has, remarkably, almost disappeared. I must admit, when I first walked into Dr. Tirant’s office, I was not overly hopeful for much, or any improvement! Having spent a total of six weeks in hospital over a period of six or even years, all the while being treated by a dermatologist who was using the full gambit of pills and various treatment – to no avail. Any wonder my expectations were low?However, I followed Dr. Tirant’s procedures faithfully – results were slow at first, but small signs of improvement began to show, and today I am enjoying the freedom from the debilitating and painful effects of psoriasis. Thanks Dr Tirant. I am delighted to sincerely endorse your methods and treatment.

W.B. – Victoria

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful results and relief I have gained in using your scalp and body ointment. Despite the use of conventional treatments with coal tar and cortisone cream over a two year period, my pustular psoriasis was progressively getting worse. In addition to the extreme physical discomfort, my hands and feet were a constant embarrassment. The first application of the cream brought instant relief and I had the first night of undisturbed sleep for a long time. Within days the visible improvement was miraculous. My hands are now “clean” and my feet are almost back to normal. In adopting a holistic and natural approach to dealing with my psoriasis in addressing the “triggers” I have gained in a healthier lifestyle and a new peace of mind. On the basis of my personal experience, I have no hesitation in warmly endorsing the treatment to psoriasis suffers. The relief to be gained is immeasurable. Once again, please accept my sincere thanks for the successful treatment of my condition and for the on-going research into psoriasis and the triggers aggravating the condition.

B.W. – Victoria

I am a 22 year old female of whom has had psoriasis since the age of 11. In the beginning it was mainly situated on my arms, legs and scalp. However, over the years in trying numerous treatments in various different medicines, it has spread to cover almost 90% of my body. Therefore, I have been hospitalized on two occasions, at the age of 17 and 18, where they treated me with UV A (PUVA) and UV B rays, as well as antibiotics and creams. Although the psoriasis seemed to have gotten better, after a couple of weeks of being on that treatment the psoriasis would return and seemed more aggravated than before. Since then, I started looking at using alternative medicine for relief, which varied for Indian Medicine, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, and Chinese Medicine. Of which there were times where I was cleared of the psoriasis but it never lasted for more than a few months before it returned to the state where I was before, very uncomfortable and unhappy with my appearance. Then, in January 1996, after being bedridden for eight months, my father came across Dr Tirant’s advertisement for his successful treatment for psoriasis. In the beginning I was hesitant because I was so fed up with doctors and tired of my hopes of getting better being destroyed.

However, my mother persuaded me to go and after about a week I saw a change. When I went to him I was about 90-95% covered and it took about two months for my body to clear where I had maybe 10% on my body, which made me ecstatic. My treatment consisted of taking Liver Formula tablets (a natural vitamin supplement), cleansing my body with Dr Tirant’s cleansers twice a day and applying his cream immediately after. My diet was altered to where I was advised to drink two to three litres of water a day and to stop eating acidic foods. This was the first time I was told not to eat acidic foods which could have been why I could never stay healthy for more than a few months. Also, for the first time in eleven years I was being counselled so to change my negative to positive ones. In the past I had often been told not to stress but never given guidelines on how to achieve this. Therefore, he also taught me a method of meditation. Although it seem to be easiest thing to do, it was the hardest because I had to teach myself to forget about the past and be happy. Unfortunately, I did get worse again but not to the extreme I was before. The reason for this was due to certain events occurring in my life that I did not deal with in the best way, causing me to stress. on top of that I got Chicken Pox, which later developed into psoriasis. I probably got covered about 50-60% Dr Tirant put me back onto the same treatment as before. Now I know how to take care of myself and I know I will never get back to the way I was before. I perhaps am more strict with myself in avoiding specific foods that I feel don’t agree with me. But I am very happy with my life and by changing my lifestyle the way I have, it has allowed me to go back to university and live the life I have always wanted to live.

I.P. – Victoria

I am writing this letter to say how successful your treatment has been for my Psoriasis. I have had severe Psoriasis of the scalp for two years. After numerous visits to the GP and countless scripts of cortisone lotions, creams and shampoos, my psoriasis always re-occurred when I stopped using the cortisone. I was continually scratching my scalp until it bled. I could not brush my hair without having dry flaky skin covering my clothes. It was most embarrassing as I wear a navy blue uniform to work, so I was forever brushing “flakes” off my cardigan. The psoriasis started to emerging around my hairline near the forehead and I used to put cover stick over it to go out as I was embarrassed. I was continually aware of the condition of my scalp but could not find a “cure”. I was depressed because I felt I had to live with this condition forever. I has large scales and sores on my scalp which would sting when I used the cortisone. I went to another GP who was shocked at the state of my scalp. She referred my to a skin specialist and I had to wait for 4 weeks for an appointment, and yes, I knew what I was going to be prescribed. My sister saw your advertisement in the paper and suggested that I give it a try whilst waiting for my specialist appointment. I had nothing to lose. I was hopeful of success but guarded. Within 5 days of treatment I could not believe the improvement. I had stopped scratching and in 10 days my psoriasis had cleared up. I cancelled the specialist appointment. I went back to Dr. Tirant 3 weeks later, a much happier and confident person. I have not had to brush the tops of my shoulders since starting the treatment. I am now writing this letter 10 weeks after my first consultation and I have not used the cream for six weeks. I use the Cleansing Gel twice weekly as a shampoo. I have had no re-occurrence of psoriasis at all. I now drink on to one to one and a half litres of water a day, eat lots of green vegetables, have cut back on tea and coffee and try to keep stress to a minimum. I cannot believe that after two years of embarrassment, frustration and suffering from psoriasis, by using Dr. Tirant’s treatment it was under control so quickly. Dr. Tirant , I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful treatment and your support during my visits. I would recommend your treatment to anyone with psoriasis. This is the first time in two years that I feel happy within myself.

G.H. – Victoria