Our extensive range of oral and topical medications have been specially formulated to help you achieve the best results               for  your skin.

                                             Our products are based on herbal materials and essential oils. Using these medications, which form part of                                                                            our highly effective treatment protocols, you can reach a state of remission and long term management of  your  skin condition.

                                             The Dr Michaels range of products are available exclusively from Psoriasis & Skin Clinic.

foreverForever Young Collection

Perth Psoriasis & Good Skin Clinic are proud to offer a premium range of cosmetic products. The Forever Young Collection is the perfect complement to our practitioner-prescribed medication and has been specifically formulated for sensitive skin.  After years of research and requests from patients, Dr Tirant has develop a cosmetic range that is suitable for people with all skin types.  The new collection will leave your skin feeling fresh and looking radiant. In just four easy steps you can see visible improvements to your skin.