Meet the Team

Maria Arora (Head Practitioner)


Advanced Diploma Naturopathy | Diploma Biochemical Therapy | ANTA 6858

I am an award-winning naturopath, having received the Warren Brauer memorial award for Best Performance in Clinical Practice and another award for Excellency in Homeopathy.

I strongly believe in the holistic approach to chronic conditions. I have combined my studies in medicine, psychotherapy and pastoral care with my knowledge of bio regulatory medicine, bio puncture technique, homeopathy, dark field microscopy, mineral therapy and coagulated blood microscopy. This enables me to access and treat a wide range of conditions quickly and effectively.

Now, with a new area of expertise combining essential oils and body work using trigger points, massage, raindrop technique and sound healing (using hand crafted Tibetan bowls), I can bring balance and harmony to your emotional wellbeing.

With the desire to help people I now also give presentation, webinars and run workshops around Australia.

Kirsty Lakstins-Adams (Practitioner)


Bachelor Science – Anatomy and Physiology UWA | Advanced Diploma Naturopathy | Cert 3 and 4 Fitness AIPT | ANTA member 6110

After completing my Bachelor of Science at UWA I went on to complete my Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy.

Working in the health and wellness industry for 25 years I have always had a strong interest in the health and well-being of others.

I have been working as a qualified naturopath for 10 years helping people to rediscover better health. Using many different forms of therapy such as herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, mineral therapy and nutritional supplements means we can take an individualized approach with every patient.

I also conduct educational nutrition, cooking and fitness programs with local councils and schools, teaching people about healthy eating and lifestyle principles.

At the Perth Psoriasis & Good Skin Clinic I specialise in skin issues. By underlying the triggers as well as using Dr Michael Tirant herbal and natural products I will make sure you are in remission as quickly as possible.

Having two very busy kids allows an understanding of what is needed by a stressed and busy parent but what is also practical for their life and family.

Teneeka Hill (Practitioner)


Bachelor of Education | Advanced Diploma Naturopathy | Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine | Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine | ANTA member 14215

I am a Naturopathic Practitioner, with an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine and I am passionate about my work in assisting my clients to reach optimum health and wellness.

With my knowledge and skills learnt as an Educator within Australian and the United Kingdom I am able to provide a unique blend of support, advice and education for my patients and where appropriate, their families, who are looking to achieve the best possible outcome for their health and wellbeing.

My approach and treatments focus on diet and lifestyle combining a range of nutritional supplements and minerals, homeopathy and essential oils & flowers essences to suit the individual and help them reach their desired outcome. I also tailor suitable treatments for pregnant women and children, engaging the children as much as possible in their wellness journey. 

At the Perth Psoriasis & Good Skin Clinic, I specialise in Infrared Regulation Thermography, which is a whole-body medical testing device for both men and women that is gentle, painless, non-toxic and non-invasive. The infrared sensor measures the skin temperature at over 100 points on the body, gathering temperature information, which reflects the health and integrity of various tissues, informing treatment and managing progress.

I am highly motivated and passionate about inspiring others in matters of health and I practice what I preach. In my personal life I love to cook using whole foods, I practice yoga and meditation, and I enjoy ocean swimming and diving.

My aim is to help my clients make the most of each day in the best of health.

Mike Reid (Part-Time Practitioner)

Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy | Masters of Applied Science in Acupuncture

Mike is a highly-qualified and professional registered Naturopath, Medicinal Nutritionist and Acupuncturist specialising in pain management, skin complaints, stress, anxiety, depression and lack of sleep, hormonal complaints including menstrual, fertility and IVF support, digestive conditions and children’s health.

Mike has joined the Perth Psoriasis & Good Skin Clinic as a part time practitioner.

Maria being required to travel a lot this year, Mike will ensure that the clinic maintains the same reputation for the continuation of delivering the highest standards of holistic health care that has been upholded by Maria, in Perth, over the years.

For more information about Mike Reid’s practice, please click on the following link: